Rapper,Singer,Songwriter, Producer BoDee, was born Gregory Terrence Currie on April 9, 1988 in Memphis, Tennessee to Firefighter/Singer James Currie and Nurse/Actress Trinicia Boyd. He was first introduced to music during his attendance at Robert R. Moton Elementary School In New Orleans,Louisiana where his mother relocated upon her split from James. He first learned to play the clarinet which led to learning to play the trumpet,drums and several other instruments before settling on the Alto Sax. It wasn’t until he first hear Master P that he decided to experiment with writing lyrics. For him it started as poetry then it evolved into short stories that rhymed, now its a combination of dramatic, confident, and literate words and phrases mainly themed around status, accomplishment, and influence. His Rapper/Singer skill-set often earns him comparisons to Drake, yet his disposition of “humble arrogance” makes him a little more edgier than is often “soft” labeled counterpart.

In 2009, the budding emcee relocated to Orlando,FL, where he began recording,and cultivating his growing fan base. In March of 2010 he self released “Thoughts of A Legend”, a free album centered around the idea of life when fame comes. The project spawned now popular club singles “World Series” and “On Lock”. While attending a mix show summit in Miami,FL, BoDee was offered a record deal by Julian Booth, the Vice President of Slip n Slide Records after he heard the metaphorically laced “Sweet 16” freestyle that was submitted as a part of the “Hottest 16 Bar Contest” sponsored by the Label. The hype surrounding the potential major label success caused a shift in BoDee’s fans and family alike because now the young artist’s personal life was being compromised and everyone seemed to want to know everything about everything. So BoDee, being who is decided to oblige by releasing “No Privacy” (2011) an 11-track journey into the life and times of the rising star. The project was nostalgic and personal, the production so fierce and melodic, it even earned a cameo from R&B superstar singer Trey Songz and received more than enough positive reviews from the critics cementing his official arrival.
Unfortunately, life for BoDee took a turn for the worst, He was arrested for having a physical altercation with a record producer [name redacted] and was sentenced to 3 years in the department of corrections in the State of Florida. The label was no longer interested and fans began to dwindle though a few loyal ones stuck around to wait out the return of their icon.
August 1, 2014 he returned, and the celebration commenced,but for him the real work has begun because he understands that things tend to change when you are gone for so long, yet he is willing to reclaim his spot in this ever evolving music industry by releasing a brand of music that’s sure to catch the ears tastemakers. He is currently working on his Post Prison Ep “Yours To Keep” and his new album “Spotlights x Autographs”. Both projects are said to be more emotional,reflective, and energetic while keeping that intense edge that has made him a favorite amongst listeners.
With his new Imprint Black Monopoly Worldwide and his “Boy Next Door” Image, BoDee is grounded and focus as he ever could be, and at the rate he’s working his sure to be the artist to watch!!!!


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